Negril Village, Greenwich Village, NYC

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Aren’t Jamaicans the coolest people?

Just by walking into this funky restaurant – I feel like the stress of everyday life drops down a few notches. Step in and within minutes, you are sipping on some exotic cocktail and lilting to a rocking reggae beat. Ya mon!

It’s not all about ambiance at Negril Village. The food here is truly something to be reckoned with. They make the BEST jerk sauce  – bar none! They used to have another location in Chelsea, which closed down, where the jerk wings were better than anything I had – even in Jamaica! The food at Negril Village is a little more stylized and funky versus its other more down-home ex-counterpart. I really enjoyed our meal and can’t wait to go back.

Here is some of what we ate:


These are spicy grilled chicken thighs, with jerk sauce. Their jerk sauce is better than any others I have tried anywhere – including Jamaica!

I was a little disappointed in the actual wings though. I found them to be a little too big and too crisp which made the meat a little tough. We ordered a second batch but even in those the wings were rather burnt.

At their other location the wings used to be truly divine – the meat used to melt in your mouth and the wings were perfectly sized.

Still, I think combined with the jerk sauce – you can’t go wrong with this dish. They probably have the best jerk wings in New York City.



I died and went to heaven after eating this dish. Their boneless chicken curry is cooked to a perfect tenderness and then wrapped in a Trinidadian style roti that is stuffed with yellow lentils. Top this off with some scotch bonnet sauce and you are good to go!!


I loved this dish. It was one of their specials and was recommended to us by our extremely friendly server. These grilled shrimps were served on a yummy plantain mash and topped with a fruity, tangy and spicy sauce. The combination of all these flavors was exquisite!


Food: ☆☆


Ambiance: ☆☆☆

Cost: $$$

I recommend: Jerk Chicken Ribettes, Curry Boneless Chicken, Calypso Shrimp