The Restaurant at the View Hotel at Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Park


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Monument Valley located in Navajo Tribal Park is known as Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii, in Navajo meaning valley of the rocks. This gorgeous valley houses some of the most picturesque mesas, plateaus and buttes.

The relatively new View hotel, started by Armanda Ortega a native Navajo, offers stunning panoramic views of Monument Valley.


The restaurant at the View is guided under the helm of MacNeal Crank who was also born in Monument Valley. The menu features a great mix of Navajo and American cuisine. The American part of the menu is themed naming dishes after famous actors in Western movies ( most of which were shot at Monument Valley). Some examples are the John Wayne or the Jimmy Stewart.

The Navajo part of the menu is the one to stick with. It is inspired by local cuisine and it really good. Do try the light and airy Navajo Fry Bread, which can be dipped with many kinds of stews (my favorite was the green chili verde).

They also offer a breakfast buffet (which is rather bad) and a lighter sandwich-based lunch menu with Navajo options too. The American part of the food is very mediocre however there aren’t very many better food options in the area.

With stunning views of the valley and good home style local cuisine, and very reasonable prices – eating at the restaurant at the View Hotel is a good choice.


Here is some of what we ate:


The Navajo Taco sampler plate


Navajo Fry breads


Red Chili Posole


Sheep Camp Stew


Green Chili Stew


John Wayne Burger