Lunch at The Bangala : Karaikudi, Chettinad, INDIA


The Bangala is a charming heritage boutique hotel located in the heart of Karaikudi. Mrs. Meyappan, who is passionate about preserving the heritage of the Chettiars, runs it.

 The Bangala is a great way of experiencing some of the local culture whilst enjoying modern comforts.

 The food at the Bangala is a wonderful experience. Mrs. Meyappan has taken authentic Chettiar recipes and adapted it to suit the western palate.

 Lunch is served in traditional banana leaves and consists of several varieties of rice, meats, seafood and vegetables.



It is worth stopping off for a meal at The Bangala if you are visiting Chettinad.


Here is some of what we ate:


Tahir Pachadi ( Yogurt Salad)



Keera Masiyal ( Spinach)



Pattani Urlaikazhaangu Masala Poriyal ( Potato and Peas)



Manga Pachadi ( Yogurt and Mango)



Vendikai Mandi (Okra)



Vazhapoo vadai ( Banana Flower Vadai)



Soya Bean Biryani



Uppu Kari (Mutton Curry)



Melagu Kolumbu ( Pepper Gravy)



Yelaneer Soufle ( Tender Coconut)



Badam Halwa and Vanilla Ice cream