Lunch at Amma Mess, Madurai, India


Madurai in India, is a 2500-year-old city that was essentially built around its gorgeous Meenakshi Amman Temple. This temple is a stunning example of Vijayanagar temple architecture with its intricate carved pillars, elaborate gopurams and stone carved idols.



 After visiting this massive temple complex, there are many choices of where to eat. One of the better-known local food spots is Amma Mess located in the heart of the bustling city.



Owned by a local resident Senthilvel who opened this in honor of his mother (Amma – means mother in Tamil), Amma Mess offers homemade delights in the form of “meals”. Served on a banana leaf, you can order the set “meals” which includes rice, lentils, vegetables and a variety of the day’s special seafood and meat choices. You can also order a la carte dishes. Some of the specials there are bone-marrow omelet, crab masala, pigeon fry, brain masala, rabbit biryani and so on.


Here is some of what we ate:


Fish Fry


Mutton Biryani


Mutton Balls


Brain Masala


Crab Masala


Bone- marrow Omelet


Fish Gravy


Pigeon Gravy


Rabbit Gravy


Prawn Curry



6 thoughts on “Lunch at Amma Mess, Madurai, India

  1. I know that you cannot expect too much service in this kind of places but this the worst place i have dinned..
    To start of.. the restaurnt is like a market where everybody is shouting from the servers to the people eating.. and there are charis and tables everywhere possible.. a table which should ideally seat 4 people is placed with 6 chairs..your bana leaf (on which food is served) will definitly be over or under the next person you are seated with.. ..
    About the food, yes it is nice and there is a lot of options available on the menu, but the quanitity they serve is plain cheating and the cost which they charge is on par wit the some of the highclass restraunts.
    If u order any of thier regular or cheap items they give a stare even take a long time to deliver. it. And some times they force u to with few things in their hands and say this is hot just now cooked u should defeinilty try this and give an awful stare if u insist and say dont want.

    Over all this place is just too much hype mainly coz of the flim industry people visits and plain cheating of all their customers.

  2. I had lunch with friends today at the newly opened Amma Mess near Maatuthavani bus stand. The guys inside told me that this is a branch of Amma Mess at Tallakulam. These guys are terrible as they are treating customers like dogs. One guy is bringing fried fish in a plate and pushing me to buy as though it is a local shabby hotel. The prices are ridiculously high and unbelievable. I ordered Prawns Briyani which cost Rs.300/- in which there were just three pieces of prawns. At the end I ordered Fruit Salads with Ice Cream. The menu card showed the picture of fruit salads in a big enough plate, but when the guy brought the fruit salads with ice cream – my god its ridiculous. A small plastic bowl so tiny that I can hold three of them in my palm and that is Rs.90/= The stupidest place I have ever been to. And the server is demanding tips. That’s not all, the watch man who help me park my car too is demanding Rs.10/= tips for opening and closing my car door. DIRTIES AND STUPIDEST PLACE TO EAT.

  3. My sister ate at this place saw a centipede in the gravy they poured in the rice…She quickly noticed it and made a complaint but these guys never even bothered about it .So, when she immediately left the restaurant but still these guys forced to pay bill for food with centipede please stay away these kind of cheap fellows.

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