Biang! Flushing, NYC




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Food: ☆☆☆

Service: ☆☆☆½

Ambiance: ☆☆

Cost: $$$

Must try: Any lamb and noodle dish


Biang is a modernized offshoot of the renowned Xi’an Famous Foods which is reputed for its remarkable hand pulled noodles and other dishes that came from the region of Xian.

Started by Jason Wang, the son of the founder of the Xian empire, Biang is named for the slapping sound made by the noodles when they are pulled.

The food served at Biang mimics the offerings of Xi’an Famous Foods. All the hot favorites remain on the menu such as the cold liang pi noodles. Lamb reigns supreme at just as it does at its predecessors. My favorite is still the cumin lamb burgers but the lamb skewers and dumplings are worth a shot too.

The digs are clean, bright and modernized. Wang attempts to elevate a dive into a more progressive destination.

The menu at Biang is as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet. To have an entire page dedicated to $3 starters makes one want to shout out with joy or over-order, which is exactly what one ends up doing. Two of us ordered and ate for at least 6! Thankfully everyone else had the exact same crazed look in their eyes and ended up with the same plight as ours!

Here is some of what we ate:


Suan Tang Yáng Ròu Shuí Jiao



Zi Rán Yáng Ròu Chuàn 



Cháng An Dòu Hua



Qiàng Bái Yù Lián Cài



An Chun Dàn Ròu Cháng Kao Mó Piàn



Zi Rán Yáng Ròu Jia Bái Ji Mó





Yóu Po Là Zi Biáng Biang Miàn