Turkish Grill, Sunnyside, NYC

turkish grill
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Food: ☆☆½

Service: ☆☆☆

Ambiance: ☆☆

Cost: $$


I love Turkish food! Ever since visiting the country, I have fallen in love with the culture and their food. So imagine my excitement when I went to try Turkish Grill hailed by some as one of the best Turkish food spots in the city.

This cute little Turkish Café is housed in Sunnyside – a multi-ethnic neighborhood in Queens. The service is friendly and the owners are very pleasant.

The food however did not meet my expectations. There were some dishes that did better than other. The mezze was very average – nothing stood out for me. The kebabs fared a little better with the whole kebabs being the best of the offerings and the ground kebabs being the most disappointing. Dessert didn’t do much better but they do have a nice strong cup of Turkish black tea.

I guess my search for the best Turkish food in the City will just have to go on…


Here is some of what we ate:




 Turkish Grill Queens



 Turkish Grill Queens


Eggplant Salad

 Turkish Grill Queens






Turkish Grill Queens 


Imam Bayildi

turkish grill queens


 Kiymali Pide

Turkish Grill Queens 


Lamb Doner Kebab & Chicken Adana

 turkish grill queens


Chicken & Lamb Kebab