Madras, Raintree Hotel, Chennai, India






Do you want to try some seriously good local cuisine in Chennai in a chic hotel-dining environment?

Then you must try “Madras” at the Raintree Hotel on Mount Road.

This eponymous restaurant packs punch both on the plate (thali rather) and in its environs. With clever motifs designed by Playclan, everything from the menu to  plates and coasters are a fun reminder of the city it represents.

But please lets talk about the food.

Everything we tried was delicious. We ordered a non-vegetarian thali which allowed us to taste a variety of dishes – all of which were superb. For dessert they had one of the best badam halwas I have ever tried.

Madras offers various regional Thali’s for lunch which puts this spot on my must do list every time I visit the city.

Here is some of what we ate:


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