The Marina: Seafood Restaurant, Chennai, India

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Seafood does not get fresher than this! The Marina is another winner brought to the Chennai dining scene by food magnate Mahadevan of Oriental Cuisines group.

At the Marina, Mahadevan promotes sustainable fishing and buys locally. He has donated 21 boats to fishermen in Tuticorin and Kombudurai where fish are caught using hooks versus nets, which helps preserve marine life.

When you walk into the Marina your eyes fall upon the gleaming display of an amazing collection of super fresh looking fish. One can pick the seafood they would like to eat and then choose a method by which they would like it cooked. Everything is priced by the weight of what you eat. They offer various techniques and cuisines such as grilling, frying, Chinese, Tandoori, Konkan and so on.

 I found the best of their dishes was what was prepared in the Konkan and Kerala style. We tried a crab roast that was just fantastic as was the Kerala Moilee curry. The Chinese was the most disappointing of the lot in which the character of the seafood was drowned in under-flavored sauces.

I’m thrilled to bits about a restaurant such as the Marina being in Chennai. I just now hope that they work hard to maintain the quality and stick to the ideals that it was originally set up on.


Here is some of what we ate: