Burmese Breakfast and Dinner at Aureum Palace, Inle Lake, Myanmar




Inle Lake is a stunning experience in so many ways. The natural beauty of the lake set amidst the mountains makes for unbelievable sights.

 One of the most beautiful hotels to stay at is Aureum Palace at Inle Lake. This spot has beautiful views of the lake, wonderful rooms and service. As there isn’t much to do on the lake after sundown, Aureum Palace serves as a great place to wind down the day at.





 My favorite meal at Aureum was their breakfasts where they served an array of traditional Burmese foods.

 Breakfast in Myanmar is typically a soup meal. One of the most popular dishes is called Mohinga, which is a curried fish soup, which is eaten with noodles, boiled eggs and other condiments. It is delicious!

 The rest of the food at Aureum was pretty good too! Check out the yummy food pictures below…


Here is some of what we ate:




IMG_3783 DSC03118 IMG_3836



IMG_3830 IMG_3828 IMG_3825 IMG_3804 IMG_3812 IMG_3820 IMG_3822 IMG_3794 IMG_3802 DSC02453 IMG_3559



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