Chiva-Som, Hua Hin, Thailand


Chiva-Som, in Hua Hin, Thailand is one of the most beautiful holistic spa destinations.


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Situated amidst inspiring nature that encompasses gorgeous tropical greenery and the beauty of the ocean, Chiva-Som sets itself apart in its elegance and charm.


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The resort facilities weave in and out of nature with such grace that one is constantly wrapped in a sense of serenity.


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 What I enjoyed the most about Chiva-Som was their stunning food! One cannot fathom just how tasty all their dishes are and they are prepared in most part with no oil, sugar or salt!

 Chiva-Som is known for their award-winning Spa Cuisine and have published cookbooks to showcase their fabulous recipes. I spent more time there in cooking classes and in their dining areas than I did in their treatment rooms or other facilities!




 Click here for a link to some of Chiva-Som’s wonderful recipes that I blogged at food fairy. A huge thank you to Kwan Thong, one of their brilliant chefs who patiently dealt with my over exuberance to learn all that I could in my few days there. 

Here is some of what I ate:


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