Shopsin’s General Store, Lower East Side, NYC



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Food: ☆☆☆☆

Service: ☆☆ ½

Ambiance: ☆☆

Cost: $$

Must try: Poutine, Mac and Cheese Pancake


Kenny Shopsin is the force behind the huge popularity of Shopsin’s General Store.

This tiny eatery tucked away in a far corner of Essex Street Market doesn’t look like much more than a fast food diner but sit down to eat and let the magic unfold.

It will take you eons to decipher the endless menu which has over 900 items on it. I usually recoil from so much choice coz’ how can it possibly all be good? But let me tell you it is!

The culinary offerings at Shopsins run the length and breadth of the world with everything from African Green Curry to Poutine.

There are strict codes to adhere to at Shopsins or you will get yelled at – or at least a growled at. I think the grouchy vibe is all part of the charm. I must say though our server was very nice.

Each person has to order a dish but no more than that (they will refuse you or throw you out!) Do not ask for substitutions and no overt taking of pictures allowed (esp. of the shop front).

 But all of these tribulations melt away once the food begins to arrive.

At Shopsins each dish is cooked individually and everything is made from scratch and it is really really good.

The food is more expensive than one would imagine but for the kind of effort put into every dish – I think its quite fair.

Shopsins is only open for breakfast and lunch. They close at 2 PM sharp and parties of more than four aren’t accepted. There are a limited number of tables and long lines but I think that eating here is one of those classic New York experiences that really should not be missed.


Here is some of what we ate:


Bahama Mama

DSC06128 DSC_6575



Donut Sliders

 DSC_6573 DSC06122





Mac n Cheese Pancakes

 DSC06118 DSC_6568


Shepherd’s Pie