Nest Angkor Cafe Bar, Siem Reap, Cambodia


My favorite temple in Siem Reap was the Bayon Temple which is within the Ankor Thom set of temples. To look at those gigantic, majestic faces that were carved atop the stone temples is quite breathtaking.


Image 4 DSC03893


Just as spectacular was where we ate dinner that night in Siem Reap which just bettered our already perfect day.


Nest Angkor Cafe Bar is an ultra-cool, upscale restaurant serving stylized Khmer food with prices to match.




The food here is definitely elevated but quite spectacular. Just try their banana blossom salad with chicken – it was so good we had to get two!

We delighted over each dish that we tried – the food had a delicacy to it that we had not previously experienced in any of the places we had eaten at.

 The tabs were steep, especially by Cambodian standards but well worth it.


Here is some of what we ate:


 Spicy Peanuts



Spicy tuna maki



Banana blossom salad with chicken



Hot and sour tiger-prawn soup with straw mushrooms



Stir Fried Shrimp


Steamed fish fillet with amok sauce



Cambodian beef lok-lak with pepper, local cress, potatoes



Japanese pork gyoza with spicy aioli



Wok-fried rice noodle with mixed vegetable



Khmer chicken curry with mixed vegetable



Khmer fried rice with chicken



Coconut créme bruleé