Friday Night Dinners at the Natural Gourmet Institute, NYC


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Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest to this establishment for a complimentary meal. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Are you looking for a totally unique food experience in New York City?  Then you might want to try the Friday Night Dinners at the Natural Gourmet Institute (NGI). I was recently invited to try one of their dinners and absolutely loved it.

This wonderful place is home to the Chef’s Training Program that teaches its students to cook with local, seasonal and fresh ingredients. It was started in 1987 by Annemarie Colbin and has now grown into a great destination for anyone looking for a healthier way of eating and cooking vegetarian food.

Every Friday night the kitchens at NGI are transformed into a cozy, candlelit dining room that houses several communal tables. Guests are treated to a delicious three course, gourmet, vegetarian meal that is served and plated beautifully. Everything is conceived, prepared and served by current students of the program.




The night we tried the dinner at NGI, Chef Elliot Prag oversaw the menu with the assistance of the students from the Chef’s Training Program. The entire menu was inspired by Japanese flavors and I have to say that the food was truly delightful.

Every dish was so thoughtfully created, the flavors were light and everything was so healthy and yet delicious. Its so exciting to live in a city like New York and have such amazing options available.


If I were you – I would definitely put the Friday Night Dinners at theNatural Gourmet Institute on my bucket list!


Here is some of what we ate:


Homemade Tofu with Tekka

DSC06080 DSC06082


Arame Watercress Salad

DSC06071 DSC06079


Ume-Shiso Norimaki

 DSC06076 DSC06074


Soba Noodle Bowl with Seasonal Spring Vegetables




Matcha Ice-cream with Yuzu Pizzelle and Sake Cream