Restaurant du Port de Peche, Casablanca, Morocco

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Casablanca is a port city and well known for its wonderful fresh seafood offerings. Restaurant du Port de Peche is a seafood restaurant located right in the middle of the fishing harbor.

Offering an extensive menu of fresh of the boat (literally) items such as swordfish, calamari, sardines, shrimp and other seasonal fare, this place is perpetually packed with lines out the door at peak times.

Seafood is prepared with minimal amount of intervention to allow the freshness of the fish to shine.

Restaurant du Port de Peche is extremely popular with both tourist and locals and is priced very affordably. The décor here is simple, the place, bright and clean and the service is busy and a bit on the brusque side.

The location of Restaurant du Port de Peche is wonderful as it is an easy walk away from the Sofitel and Novotel hotels which are located in the city center. This spot provides a wonderful, local eatery for tourists to experience.


Here is some of what we ate:

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