Restaurant Asmae, Fes, Morocco



The fascinating medina (old city) of Fes has enough sights and sounds to keep one wandering through its unique alleyways and covered bazaars for days. It is essential though to stop from time to time to eat!

We spent a day roaming the medina and stopped of for lunch at a local spot called Restaurant Asmae, which is bustling with tourists.

Housed in a conventional Moroccan home serving traditional food, Restaurant Asmae seems to be the go to spot for all the tour guides to bring their groups to.





The food was pretty good, servers friendly but it is a place that really takes its time tending to its guests – it took ages for us to get our food. However, the overall experience was decent.


Here is some of what we ate:

YOZ_2478 YOZ_2477 YOZ_2482 YOZ_2475 YOZ_2476 YOZ_2473 YOZ_2472 YOZ_2471 YOZ_2474 YOZ_2468 YOZ_2469 YOZ_2470 YOZ_2467 YOZ_2466 YOZ_2480 YOZ_2483 YOZ_2481