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Greecologies, a brand new Greek Yogurt Bar in Nolita, threw quite a tasting party last night to celebrate Greek Independence Day and I was invited to join in.




Housed in super chic digs, Greecologies crafts homemade traditional Greek yogurt the old-fashioned way. The yogurt here is made by hand on the premises in a glass-enclosed lab. They use locally sourced grass-fed cow’s milk from Hudson Valley’s “Back to the Future Farm.”


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Greecologies offers two varieties of yogurt “strained” and “traditional” – which has a luscious layer of cream on top of the un-strained yogurt (my favorite).

They also offer a variety of unique toppings that you can pick for your yogurt. Rose petals, carrot, sour cherry, bergamot, pine tree honey are just a few of the sweet flavors one can choose from. All their preserves are exclusively produced by a small purveyor in Greece – a mother/daughter team.






Greecologies is not just about sweetening up your yogurt. They have a full menu of savory items too which are made with or go with yogurt. Some such offerings are Greek salad with Cretan rusk, tzatziki plate with multigrain bread sticks, feta plate and much more. They also offer smoothies, dessert. Check out their full menu here. All of this can be enjoyed with coffee from Chicago’s famed Intelligentsia.


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Greecologies also sells a full line of artisanal products from Organic Strained Tomato, Thyme Flower Honey to an assortment of Cretan Cookies.


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The space is really super cool – conceived by the owners and created by Greek architect Dionisis Sotovikis, the Yogurt bar has plenty of zen nooks and corners to enjoy your yogurt in. They also have a gorgeous outdoor garden


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Greecologies is open seven days a week from 9am – 9pm and is definitely worth a visit.