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TANG Korean Restaurant





Gammeeok Tang or simply known as Tang is a temple for really fresh Korean food. Housed on Northern Boulevard in a large, bright, modern space – Tang is a offers a menu that’s a little different from the run of the mill Korean places that abound.

At Tang one doesn’t get the variety of banchan along wit the meal as one is used to at other places but they do serve a very fresh, homemade kimchi which is very good.

The helpings are large and can easily be shared – they have a wonderful Japchae which I love and their grilled meats are all served with heapings of napa cabbage and picked radish which makes for a really refreshing meal.

The word “Tang” in Korean means soup and they are known for their Oxtail soup.

The wait staff at Tang is really helpful and friendly and all in all Tang is a really wonderful spot to try to get your Korean fix.


Here is some of what we ate:



YOZ_0486 YOZ_0484







Hot Pepper Jeon 


Wang Galbi 

YOZ_0502 YOZ_0499 YOZ_0495


BBQ Pork Ribs

YOZ_0504 YOZ_0506



DSC01348 YOZ_0507