Lake Pavilon, Flushing, NYC

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Lake Pavilion


Food: ☆☆

Service: ☆☆☆ 

Ambiance: ☆☆

Cost: $$

Pete Wells awarded two stars to Lake Pavilion – a Cantonese style restaurant in Flushing and I’m still scratching my head wondering why.

Flushing is chockfull of hidden gems with really good food but in my opinion Lake Pavilion does not make that list.

Actually I think I had one of my all time worst meals in Flushing at Lake Pavilion in recent times and I would never go back.

We tried a crab and shrimp dish there – specifically the salt and pepper shrimp and the shrimp had a strong taste of ammonia. It was horrible – inedible and the memory of that has not left my mind.

We also tried a simple stir-fried Chinese broccoli which was tasteless and the much touted “house special Dungeness crab with glutinous rice” was just okay – nothing special.

You can see the bright lights of Lake Pavilion from the LIE as you drive by Flushing. It is one the most prominently visible restaurants there – please don’t be fooled by the showy decor and glowing reviews – this place is down right terrible. Drive by it and go deeper into Flushing where truly delightful food awaits.

Here is some of what we ate:


House Special Dungeness Crab w/ Glutinous Rice

DSC_6533 DSC_6532 DSC_6534 


Salt and Pepper Fried Shrimp



Sautéed Chinese Broccoli

IMG_3915 DSC_6530 


Dual Egg Fried Rice

DSC_6531 IMG_3917