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International Wings Factory

International Wings Factory in Yorkville is Chef Deepak Ballaney’s passion project. With a career that began at IBM, which then transitioned to stints in the hospitality industry and restaurant consulting which eventually culminated in the opening of IWF – Ballaney has something to say about following your gut and instincts.

Chef Ballaney is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America well versed in the art of fine dining. However, he chose to open a “wing” spot because that was what everyone loved most of his creations.




Aptly named International Wings Factory, Ballaney offers myriad choices of flavors from across the globe that tops his crisp and juicy chicken wings. Items such as Vietnamese Chile Mango , Vindaloo Curry, Mexy Q, Coastal Pepper, Thai Chile Basil are just a few of sauces one can choose from.




There is ofcourse the traditional “Buffalo Style” wings in all categories of heat. I had to try the “Soul Purifier” which had a good amount of heat going on whilst still preserving the flavors. There are milder offering too such as garlic Parmesan beurre blanc and more.

All of these wings come with choices of four dipping sauces which were all made in-house, from scratch and are delicious. The flavors are Blue Cheese w/ Ranch, Chipotle, Jalapeno Ranch and Creamy Cilantro.




Aside from wings, there is a full menu of burgers, sandwiches, and fries and a range of classic sides. You must try their flavored fries – we tried “Sriracha Hinted Cheesy Fries Chopped Bacon” which was delicious. Do try International Wings Factory and do go and say “Hi” to Chef Ballaney coz he is one of the nicest guys around with the biggest heart!


Here is some of what we ate:


Soul Purifier



Sichuan Chilli Garlic



Garlic Parmesan Beurre Blanc



Coastal Pepper

DSC09486 DSC09489


Sriracha Hinted Cheesy Fries Chopped Bacon

DSC09477 DSC09478 DSC09479

Mac n Mozz