Kathi’s, Greater Kailash M Block Market, New Delhi, India



Kathi’s, an open air eatery, is another little treasure of the Greater Kailash M-block market which offers a huge variety of Kathi rolls at very affordable prices.




A kathi roll is a very popular fast food in India. The meats used in these rolls are traditionally cooked in a charcoal pit using wooden skewers, which are called “Kathi’s” hence the name Kathi Kababs or Kathi rolls. A kathi roll basically consists of a roti (thin flat bread), which is shallow fried with a layer of egg. There are many choices of fillings for a kathi roll from nov-veg to veg. It is then sprinkled with tangy sliced onions and rolled into a burrito style roll.





Kathi’s is a really popular, clean, stand up spot where you get you rolls made to order, fresh off the tawa ( griddle). There is nothing more satisfying than bitting into of these beautifies. I preferred the chicken rolls to the mutton ones which I found were very chewy. The perfect chaser to a hot kathi roll is a chilled Depaul’s cold coffee!







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