Pie Party Potluck LIVE! 2015, ICE, NYC





Oh My Pie!

Pie Party Potluck LIVE! 2015, hosted by Jackie Gordon & Ken Leung at the brand spankin’ new Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) facility downtown, was the place to be this past weekend.


IMG_7971 IMG_7969


The place was milling with bloggers and foodies alike who had brought in every conceivable kind of homemade sweet and savory pie.

As if this was not enough to fill our already exploding waistlines there were hors d’oeuvre being passed around created by the ICE students and chefs and a live demonstration by one of the instructors on the basics of creating a perfect crust.


IMG_7972 IMG_7977 IMG_7987


There were generous sponsors galore handing out tasty treats – Wusthof, Anolon, Cabot, Dub Pies and King Arthur were just a few that made this event so special.

There also was a rockin’ bar set up by Matt Bruck and his crew dishing out really excellent cocktails created with Mizu Shochu , Tequila Tromba and Reyka Vodka.




I chose to make two Indian accented savory pies. One was a “Kale & Chicken Curry Pot Pie” and the other was a “ Curried Aloo Gobhi Pie” (Potato and Cauliflower).


IMG_7958 IMG_7962 IMG_7960


I was rather pleased with my creations but really didn’t bother to taste them coz there was so many other pies to devour.



IMG_7988 IMG_7983 IMG_7982 IMG_7989 IMG_7992 IMG_7997


Oh BTW here is a pic of my and my lovely “plus one” Katherine from The Cake Dealer.




I ate n’ ate until I was really “pie’d” out and came home with bags full of goodies and tons of leftover pie. I think I might just about have enough to last me a whole year until the Pie Party Potluck LIVE! 2016.

Thank you Jackie Gordon & Ken Leung – you guys rock my world!