Breizh Café, Paris, France




I wanted to have a really good crepe in Paris and I think I really did! Granted we waited about 1.5 hours as we didn’t have a reservation but I tell you it was well worth it.

Breizh Café serves up superb buckwheat crepes (galettes) both savory and sweet – made with the perfect amount of lightness and flavor. Since getting through the door is not easy I recommend you order both a savory and dessert crepe for yourself. Why not indulge in dignified gluttony at a place that really calls for it.

Breizh Café really focuses on the quality of the products ad ingredients and also offers a choice of over 15 artisanal ciders. The décor is simple and modern, the people are very friendly. There is a daily chalkboard written up with daily offerings for the more seasonal items.

We went to the one in the Marais, which was a truly wonderful experience.

Breizh Café is closed Monday and Tuesday, but open continuously throughout the day the rest of the week. Reservations are essential and once you are in they do not rush you out.


Here is some of what we ate:

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