Chez Marcel, Paris, France



I think Chez Marcel was one of the best meals I had in my entire stay in Paris. It is exactly the kind of food experience I was hoping for – homey, authentic, unfussy but stupendous.

Chez Marcel is a tiny local, authentic stop located right opposite Hotel Le Six in the 6th. This spot in small!!! All the tables are crammed up one next to the other but its rally nice because it feels like a communal eating experience in someone’s home.

Run by a Pierre a super friendly host, there is so much warmth here. I highly recommend getting reservations here because it is virtually impossible to get in otherwise.

I loved the décor – the place is filled with interesting little artifacts like antiques, souvenirs and so on. The food though is nothing short of stellar. Everything is fresh – superb ingredients and made with just that perfect homemade touch. I think in my book Chez Marcel is one of my very favorites.


Here is some of what we ate:

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