Taureau, Soho, NYC

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Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest to this establishment for a complimentary meal. All opinions expressed in this post are my own

Tucked away in Soho, is one of Chef Didier Pawlicki’s best ideas yet! Sharing the same premises as his darling French restaurant – La Sirene, is Taureau a true fondue spot.

This little gem offers a menu with a modern take on fondue consisting of three courses – “Cheese Fondue”, “Fondue Bourguignonne” and ofcourse the beloved “Dessert Fondue”.


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The way that Taureau works is that you start off with the “Cheese Fondue”, which is probably the one that most folks are familiar with. What blew me away was the remarkable variety of cheeses that they offer. You can choose anything from a simple “Cheddar/Monterey” to others as exotic as the “Perigord” made with 18 month old parmesan, American, with truffle mushroom and truffle oil! This one was definitely my favorite.


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Aside from the diversity of cheese fondues, they also offer a great assortment of sides to dip with. There are fruits, veggies and cured meats which all pair so beautifully with the complex combinations of cheese flavors. We sampled strawberries, pineapple, cauliflower, portabella mushroom, fennel sausage, thick cut slab bacon, chorizo and more.



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We moved on to the “Fondue Bourguignonne” for our main course where we were presented with an array of beautiful fresh meats, which could be cooked in either a choice of oils or a veggie or red wine broth. We sampled everything from filet mignon, hanger steak, and pork tenderloin to chicken breast.


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The final course was ofcourse the “Dessert Fondue” where we had a seasonal fruit tray with “Banana and White Chocolate Cake” with both Callebaut dark and milk chocolate. It was the perfect ending to a really perfect meal.


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I highly recommend that you try Taureau – it is such a unique experience and one that just about anyone would enjoy and hey if you are short on cash or don’t have a credit card – they are one of the few spots that accept Bitcoins too!!