Tableya Masreya, Cairo, Egypt




The City Stars Mall filled with modern stores and restaurants has become quite a destination in Cairo. For me I would always prefer shopping in the charming nooks and crannies of Khan el-Khalili market but there are some restaurants worthy of attention at the mall.

Tableya Masreya is one such spot serving home-style Egyptian food from secret family recipes that are well worth preserving.



I was taken to Tableya Masreya by Sherif Tamim – a well-known food and lifestyle photographer based in Cairo along with Jackie Haddock – a food stylist. We also met the owner– Khaled who shared his passion for preserving his family recipes and how Tableya Masreya was a vehicle for him to share this with the rest of the world. It all about reminding you of the kind of food that you ate at your grandmother’s table.




We then feasted on a table of real Egyptian delights – they ordered the entire menu I think!


DSC06425 DSC06409


We tried everything from mombar (rice stuffed sausages) to molokheya (homestyle green soup) to Alexandrian Style Koshary and so much more.


DSC06384 DSC06415


Tableya Masreya was my very first meal in Egypt and everyone there really made sure it was a wonderful one. Thank you so much Sherif, Jackie and Khaled – this is one experience I will always remember.


Here is some of what we ate:




Pickled Eggplants



Alexandrian Style Koshary with Yellow Lentils & Shrimp

DSC06388 DSC06389 DSC06391


Baked Rice with Pigeons

DSC06399 DSC06397



DSC06395 DSC06426





Abazian Style Mashed Lentil with Chicken

DSC06417 DSC06420