Four Seasons Hotel Nile Plaza & Beyman Café, Cairo, Egypt

The Four Seasons Hotel Nile Plaza is a really lovely hotel located right on the Nile with stunning views of Cairo city and the beautiful river. We even had a view of the Pyramids of Giza off in the distance from our balcony.



Everything about this hotel was wonderful – it was such a comfort to come back to after long hours of sightseeing. The food at the hotel was really excellent. Our main meal was always breakfast at the Hotel before we would go off on our tours – but it was wonderful to leave with a belly full of great food.




Breakfast was always a buffet with live counters making eggs, pancakes etc. to order along with fresh Egyptian bread (Aish Baladi). I just loved my morning that began with Ful Medames which is usually eaten for breakfast. It is made of mashed Fava beans (broad beans) and eaten with pita bread, onions, pickled vegetables, parsley, tahini and greens on the side. I think I had one of the best versions of it here in all my travels.


DSC08071 IMG_0885 (1)

DSC08064 DSC07840 DSC07844


We also often ate at the Beymen Café which is a casual meeting point housed within the Four Seasons complex amidst the up market Turkish Department store Beymen.

The menu here offers a light, modern, western styled dishes that were really fresh and delicious.  The service was beyond outstanding in warmth and there is a little buffet of fresh, handmade chocolates which was always a welcome treat.


Here is some of what we ate:


Shrimp Avocado Salad

DSC08045 DSC08048


Mushroom Cappuccino Soup

DSC08057 DSC08053

White Fish Finger Tempura, Fried Potatoes w/ Tartar Sauce

DSC07821 DSC07824

Croque Monsieur