Koshary Abou Tarek, Cairo, Egypt



Koshary often referred to, as the national dish of Egypt might have been one of my most favorites. Made of rice, pasta, brown lentils and chickpeas with a tomato based sauce to top it off along with fried onions and hot sauce, this is a definite must do during your travels.



Koshary is pretty much available everywhere in Egypt from tiny street stalls to menus in restaurants. However one of the most well known spots in Cairo is Abou Tarek, which is housed in a building with several floors of Koshary heaven. It has even been visited by the likes of Anthony Bourdain.


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It is fascinating to watch the Koshary being doled out at Abou Tarek. It is literally like witnessing a factory production line with all hands on deck.



I’m not sure if Abou Tarek had the best koshary I tried but it certainly is good enough to give you an idea of what this dish is all about and its definitely worth visiting to checkout the scene there. I just loved the bustle and pop that goes with spots like this.


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