Anakato, Aswan, Egypt



There is so much to see in Egypt and the flavor of different parts of the country varies so much. For me – I couldn’t get over the beauty of the South and the Nubian culture, hospitality and food that it offers.

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Abu Simbel and Aswan offer visits of stunning temples whilst Anakato where we stayed offered some of the best food I ate in my entire trip.




The Anakato Nubian Houses are located in the Gharb Soheil Nubian Village on the west bank of the River Nile in Aswan. These homes are fashioned in traditional, unique, colorful Nubian style.


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The accommodations are very back to basics and not at all luxurious (bathrooms definitely need an upgrade) but the setting, food and hospitality can’t be beat. Anakato really offers a quiet, scenic retreat for anyone looking to getaway from it all and the village is so charming.


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The food we ate at Anakato was unparalleled. Every meal was made fresh with local vegetables grown in the village around. The flavors and freshness of everything we ate was just unbelievable. There is nothing quite like the Nubian experience and I consider it essential to any trip to Egypt.


Here is some of what we ate

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