Eating at Al Moudira, Luxor, Egypt

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The Al Moudira hotel located in the West Bank, close to the Valley of the King in Luxor, is one of the most beautiful properties I have ever experienced.

Conceived and designed by the brilliant Lebanese owner Zeina Aboukheir, her eclectic artistic footprint covers every inch of the property. There are no two rooms that are alike. Each space has its owns unique charm with hand painted wall murals and furniture and art collected from the world over. The place is beyond stunning.



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Al Moudira is the perfect oasis to rest in between your sightseeing travels amongst the amazing sights of Luxor.


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Zeina Aboukheir was the perfect hostess during our stay and she ensured that we ate food that was just as stunning as the surroundings we were in.


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We enjoyed beautiful breakfasts out in the patio area amongst the gardens. The breakfasts were a mix of continental and Egyptian fare.


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We also had a fabulous Lebanese lunch on one of the days of our stay at Al Moudira. When I told Zeina Aboukheir that I was a food blogger and wanted to try all kinds of ethnic foods – she decided to treat me to a meal of her heritage and it was really stunning.




Al Moudira, in my opinion, is one of those destinations that one just experiences just once in a lifetime. If you plan to visit Luxor and can indulge – then it is a must do


Here is some of what we ate:

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