Marani’s, Rego Park, NYC

Marani’s was my first foray into Georgian cuisine and proved to be a fine place to start.


This Kosher spot in Rego Park has a basement that you must visit – its where their ‘khachapuri’ is made. Khachapuri is Georgian bread, which has cheese in the middle. You can break an egg into it and stir it all up and eat the bread with the dip in the middle. It is absolutely delicious.

DSC04870 DSC04875

The menu at Marani offers a variety of hot and cold dips, meats, kebabs and more. I really liked some of the walnut and eggplant ones served with shotis puri – Georgian bread.



We tried a few other traditional dishes that were recommended to us by our server. I really liked the ‘Lobiani ‘ a thin bread stuffed with mashed red kidney beans.

For me Marani’s is my local go to khachapuri fix spot but know that it offers so much more.

Here is some of what we ate:


Spinach with walnuts

DSC04838 DSC04833


Baby beet with walnuts





Eggplant with walnuts


Shotis Puri (Georgian Bread)



Chakapuli – Braised lamb w/ green tkemali)

DSC04855 DSC04849


Jomi (Georgian grits)


Lobiani (Imeruli Style bean pie)

DSC04865 DSC04861 DSC04868


DSC04882 DSC04883 DSC04893

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