Tasting of Olive Fed Wagyu w/ Chef Jaeckle at De Gustibus, Midtown, NYC

I was recently privy to an incredible tasting event hosted by Chef Chris Jaeckle, Nick Solares of Eater, Journee and De Gustibus Cooking School. We had the opportunity to sample several cuts of Olive Fed Wagyu Beef from the island of Shodishima in Japan.

img_1474 img_1465

The island of Shodoshima has been raising cattle for meat production since 1882. It has also been home to producing 99% of Japan’s olives and award-winning olive oil since the 20th century. A local cattle rancher named Masaki Ishii decided to merge these two industries by feeding this nutritionally rich left over mash from the olive oil to his herd thus fulfilling the Japanese ethos of ‘mottainai’, to waste nothing.

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The results were phenomenal producing a brand of Wagyu which was much richer in taste, texture and healthier due to the high oleic content.




I spent the afternoon tasting various chuck and rib eye cuts of this magnificent meat. Needless to say – every bite was divine.

img_1452 img_1464

The prestigious De Gustibus Cooking School provided the perfect platform to showcase Chef Jaeckle’s cooking skills. I just can’t wait to go back for more of their phenomenal line up of cooking classes.

Thanks Chef Jaeckle for the invite and the great food… I await Olive Fed Wagyu Beef to soon be available in this country!