The Truffle Burger at Urbani Truffle Lab, UWS, NYC

What happens when the worlds leading purveyor of truffles – Urbani and Pat LeFrieda which is synonymous with high end, quality beef patties comes together?

You get the most delicious “Truffle Burger”.

I was recently invited to the Truffle Lab at Urbani – in it’s sleek space in Manhattan where we sampled this delectable creation cooked by City Cooking West End.

The custom beef patty is blended with black truffles (2.4% Italian Black Summer Truffles) in each one. You can actually see chunks of the truffles in the meat and ofcourse can smell and taste them once you bite into one of these gorgeous creations.

The truffle burgers, we accompanied by a range of toppings, truffle fries and burrata along with sips of Italian craft beers by La Birra Di Meni

The evening ended with some “Cioccolatini Al Tartufo Bianco/Nero” which rounded off our truffle filled evening perfectly.