Guan Fu Sichuan, Flushing, NYC

Guan Fu Sichuan in Flushing has for me, redefined Sichuan cuisine completely. The words “Guan Fu” literally translates to “Sichuan White House” showcasing a cuisine that was only accessible to the nobility in China. The owners Li Boru and Xue Wei had a vision of bringing these flavors historically enjoyed by the Chinese aristocracy, here to our plates in New York City – in its most authentic form.

One typically walks into a Sichuan restaurant expecting a plethora of dishes smothered with red chilies and mind numbing peppercorn. Guan Fu does it differently. Each dish uses spices to subtlety enhance and showcase the ingredients. The meal we experienced took us through a flavor profile that hit all the parts of my palate. From sour, to sweet, to spicy and more.


It felt like each dish we sampled was a precursor in opening up new flavor buds and sensations for the dish to come.

We left the ordering to our host Xue Wei which was done impeccably. We started with cold appetizers of “Guan Fu style bean jelly salad” – one of the best I’ve ever tasted as was the “razor clam with green pepper”.

Our meal then meandered over to more full-bodied dishes such as the “mapo tofu” – which was different from any others I have tried. This one didn’t have the sweetness that I usually taste but rather more of a home-style, stew like feel to it.

You must try the “boiled fish with pickled cabbage” where delicately cooked fish swims in a hearty broth made from fat along with spicy and sour flavours that bring this dish together beautifully.

The menu here is pricey but it can be justified, as many of the ingredients they use have to be imported. They also pride themselves on uncompromising quality of what is served. They offer dishes that are rarely found at other establishments and everything is made with exacting authenticity.

I tip my hat off to the entire team behind Guan Fu Sichuan. To create a culinary destination that is so distinctive and memorable is really impressive in a city that has such gastronomic diversity and excellence. Guan Fu Sichuan is truly a restaurant that is not to be missed.


Here is some of what we ate:


Guan Fu-style Bean Jelly Salad


Razor Clam w/ Green Pepper


Kung Pao Chicken

Eggplant with Iron plate


Mapo Tofu


Boiled Fish w/ Pickled Cabbage


Boiled Chili Beef


Tang Yuan 

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Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest to this establishment for a complimentary meal. All opinions expressed in this post are my own