Alley 41, Flushing, NYC

Alley 41 just might be one of the best Chinese restaurants I have eaten in recently. Chef Jaing comes with a host of accolades having won several master chef awards and a silver in the 2013 Top Chef.

Combining his classical training in Sichuan cuisine along with his vast experience which includes having been Executive chef at several 5-star hotel kitchens and running his own restaurants in Chengdu; Chef Jaing has now opened a definitive Sichuan spot in Flushing which rises above the many that surround it.

Amongst the several dishes we tried there were definitely standouts, though not much was less than very good. One of my very favorite dishes is the “Sautéed Cauliflower w/ Soy Sauce”.

The “Buckwheat noodles w/ spicy sour sauce” with chewy thick noodles that are handmade was stellar.


The “Sliced Pork Belly in Garlic Sauce” comes with a tangy, tasty sauce that we were not ready to part with and kept all the remains in a cup that we incorporated into dishes all through our meal.


The “Spicy Lamb w/ Cumin” keeps your tongue tingling and creates lifelong cravings


I could go on and on about each dish we tried but I think this is one place that you just have to experience for yourself.


Here is some of what we ate:


Sliced Pork Belly in Garlic Sauce



Buckwheat noodles w/ spicy sour sauce



Chinese Leek Turnover


Chinese Beef Burrito



Steamed Fatty Meat w. Sticky Rice


Spare Ribs w/ Salted Duck Egg Yolk



Sautéed Lamb w/ Hot Pepper Sauce


Spare Ribs w. Garlic


Spicy Lamb w/ Cumin Flavor


Stir-Fried Smoky Pork w/ Green Leek


Smoky Wok Tossed Spicy Asian Green Chili


Braised Frog w.chili pickle


Homemade Thousand Pancake


Spicy Chili Beef



Flounder filet w/ spicy garlic sauce

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