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Etete means “mama” in Amharic, which is a perfect name for this Ethiopian eatery. The food served in this homey café feels just like it came out of a “mamas” kitchen.

 In fact, just about everything about this stand out spot in “Little Ethiopia” reminds you of home – from the warmth of the servers to the ease of the patrons dining there. It feels like everyone is part of one big family.

 The food is served family style on a large round steel platter, covered with an injera (a spongy bread). The injera is laden with different colored spiced vegetables, gravies and meats. The food is rich with wonderful flavors and textures that are eaten by hand using ripped bits of injera that scoop the gravies. One can easily go through a heap of injeras without even realizing it!

 Do try their sambusas ( lentil filled pasties), which are delicious as is their rich Yemisir Wat ( red lentils).

 The food at Etete is very authentic and definitely worth a try.


Here is some of what we ate:


Special Vegetarian Combination



Lentil Sambusa





Dore Wat (Spicy Chicken)



Goden Tibs



Yeataklit Wat



Yemisir Wat



Tekil Gomen



Tegabino Shiro











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