Bukhara Grill, Midtown East, NYC

Bukhara Grill
217 E, 49th Street (Between 2nd & 3rd Ave.)
New York, NY 10017
Ph# 212-888-2839
Website: www.bukharany.com


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This little mid-town “Indian Spice Rave” as they call themselves is quickly becoming one of my favorite Indian food finds. Being Indian, I’m usually very picky about eating Indian out and really don’t end up liking very much of what I try. Bukhara Grill however is quite an exception to my rule.

The restaurant is a carbon copy of one of the most famous Restaurants of yesteryears in India called Bukhara. They have styled their wooden menus, the copper drinking glasses, checkered napkin-bibs you can wear while eating, in exactly the same way. While the look and feel of the two places are the same, the food at Bukhara Grill has far surpassed that of its old and tired counterpart in India.


We went to eat at Bukhara Grill, in a big group of about 15 people and so I got to try a plethora of dishes. Here is some of what we ate. Continue reading