Bayside Breakfast Buffet at MandalayBay Resort, Las Vegas, NV


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Food: ☆½

Service: ☆☆☆

Ambiance: ☆☆

Cost: $$


The Bayside Breakfast buffet at MandalayBay Resort is set in a bright room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the lush, tropical water garden. The views are nice – the food is not!

There is a large selection of all kinds of foods available from breakfast pastries, to meats, a carving and omelet station, eggs of all kinds, fruits, vegetables – you name it and they have it.

But for all its might in size and variety, there was nothing I tried that was tasty. The eggs Benedict was an overcooked gloppy mess, the hash browns were so crisp they had lost their identity, all the pastries were mediocre at best and the fruits looked like they had been sitting there for at least two days.

I’ve never tried a Las Vegas Buffet but I have visions of it being much better than this.

My advice….skip this one. Try Jean Phillipes Patisserie instead for a true feast for both the eyes and the palate..


Here is some of what we ate:

Restaurant Information

* Restaurant Name
Bayside Buffet at Mandalay Bay
* Overall
* Neighborhood / Cuisine
American Traditional
* Street Address
3950 Las Vegas Boulevard S , Las Vegas, NV 89119
* Phone
(702) 632-7402