Mesa Grill, Gramercy/ Flatiron, NYC

Food: ☆☆☆

Service: ☆☆☆

Ambiance: ☆☆

Cost: $$$

I recommend: Cremini Mushroom Quesadilla, the Grilled Mahi Mahi and the Warm Banana Cake.


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Mesa Grill definitely has Bobby Flays signature stamp on it. There is a distinct flair in the dishes that showcase his bold use of  Southwestern accented spices and sauces.


Each dish is multidimensional in flavor and texture with spices that keep you guessing but constantly interested in what you are tasting. This formula works great in some dishes and falls flat in others.

Some things that worked for me were the Cremini Mushroom Quesadilla, the Grilled Mahi Mahi and the Warm Banana Cake. The breadbasket has some delicious blue and yellow corn muffins that are definitely worth trying.

Dishes that fell flat were the Salmon Griddle Cake and the overly spiced Mexican Chocolate Pudding ( how can they do that to Mexican chocolate?)

As for the ambience at Mesa Grill….well there really is no distinctive soul to the place. It’s rather garish and dowdy. The service is friendly here but it just seems like the whole place needs to pull up its socks.

All in all at Mesa Grill, you will experience a meal will pique your interest and is definitely a huge step up from Bar Americain. But I can’t help but wonder if it not for Bobby Flay’s star power…….how popular this restaurant really would be.

Here is some of what we ate:


CREMINI MUSHROOM QUESADILLA with Fontina, Ricotta Fried Egg + Salsa Verde

SHRIMP + ROASTED GARLIC CORN TAMALE with Fresh Corn + Cilantro Sauce

SOPHIE’S CHOPPED SALAD with Her Own Special Dressing + Crispy Tortillas

SALMON GRIDDLE CAKE with Cilantro Vinaigrette + Tomatillo Salsa

GRILLED MAHI MAHI with New Mexico Red Curry Sauce + Creamy Green Chile Rice

CORNMEAL CRUSTED CHILE RELLENO filled with Roasted Eggplant, Manchego Cheese with Sweet Red Pepper Sauce + Balsamic Vinegar

SIXTEEN SPICE CHICKEN with Blackberries, Cascabels + Green Onion Smashed Potatoes


WARM BANANA CAKE with Caramel and Crushed Peanuts