The Polynesian is Disney’s island style resort where little adventures lurk in every nook and cranny. The landscapes of this hotel are rather impressive with a volcano style pool, the jungle atmosphere and a little beach to lounge around in.

The lobby is a flurry of activity where you might find a group of residents doing the hula to island beats or others just enjoying the gorgeous waterfall and greenery that adorns this space.

The Polynesian offers a few choices for dinning and thought we missed the popular “Luau” dinner we did have breakfast at the following spots. The food is very average but the wonderful servers more than make up for that.


Here is some of where we ate: 




Kona Café on Urbanspoon



The Kona Café is a casual café, which offers a nice relaxed setting for those who would like to have more leisurely, sit down meals. So if you are in a hurry to hit the theme parks and don’t want to dwell on your meals, this cafe may not be an ideal choice. The food is very average but it is nice to have a spot to lounge around in and take a break from the hurry-scurry vacation that Disney can turn into.

Here is some of what we ate:





Captain Cook's Snack Company on Urbanspoon




Captain Cooks is the essential, informal, hang out spot for any family with young kids. It’s a casual cafeteria style; self serve café, which offers a reasonable range of quick foods. They have a nice selection of hot and cold foods served at each meal.

Captain Cooks is a great option for those who want to eat quickly and get to the theme parks on time.


Here is some of what we ate: