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Ginza restaurant celebrated is grand opening in Massapequa, NY this past week on April 4th, 2012. The 5,400 sq ft modern Asian space was unveiled with a series of special events, which included a ribbon cutting ceremony with town and county officials present, and a celebration for special invited VIP guests. The event was replete with many local politicians who dropped by to offer their congratulation to the owners for the launch.



The co-owners Jeff Qui and the husband wife team of Patrick and Tiffany make for the most amiable hosts ever. They share a true passion for food and service alike. Patrick is the head chef with over 12 years of experience working with Japanese food. This was evident in many of the sushi selections we sampled from the menu, which were the clear winners in taste for the night. Some of my personal favorites were 2012 Roll, Tokyo Naruto Roll, Spicy Tuna Naruto and the Yellowtail and Tuna sushi.



There were plenty of drinks and an eclectic mix of Asian inspired appetizers going around. With a DJ playing funky beats and a great crowd, the party was just about getting started around 6:30 PM.



The transformation of the nearly 5,400 square foot building was led by interior architects Horst Design International of Cold Spring Harbor. Ginza translated means “silver mint” and the exterior of the building is adorned with polished stainless steel panels and boasts a dramatic two-story entryway with cascading aluminum chains. The entryway leads customers to a Manhattan-like bar and lounge with hanging black lacquered egg-shaped chairs inviting guests to climb inside their crimson red upholstered interiors.

In addition to the bar/lounge area, Ginza’s interior also includes a sushi bar, main dining room, private booth seating and a secondary dining area that can also be used for a private event. Life-size ancient terracotta warriors are on display throughout the space, adding accents of traditional Asian themes to the clean, modern design. Furthering the theme, displayed on the walls are black and white oversized photographs of the famed Ginza district, including one of Sukiyabashi Crossing, which also inspired the design of the Ginza restaurant logo.

Ginza seats a total of 175 diners, with a special chef’s sushi bar that hosts 10. Guests are treated to an expansive menu of Japanese cuisine including tempura, teriyaki and an impressive selection of sushi featuring fresh fish flown from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market. Seafood is a specialty and the menu boasts such appetizer items as Toro Tartar, Seafood Ceviche and Komamoto Oysters. At the bar, customers can select from a full menu of drinks, including sake and signature cocktails such as the house favorite, the Ginza-Ade.

Ginza is located at 45 Carmans Road, Massapequa, NY 11758. A perfect spot for lunch after a morning of shopping, for a date night, or for a private corporate event, Ginza also offers take-out and delivery service. Restaurant hours are Monday through Thursday Noon to 10pm, Friday Noon to 11pm, Saturday 12:30pm to 11pm and Sunday 2pm to 9:30pm. The main number is 516-882-9688.

In order to sweeten the deal and to entice new customers into the restaurant, Ginza is offering a 15% discount through April 30th, 2012 for those diners who come in for a taste of what’s cooking.


Here is some of what we ate:






2 thoughts on “Ginza, Massapequa, NY

  1. Wonderful dining experience.  Spoiled me with japanese food, I cannot wait until I go back.

  2. WOW… I can not believe the amount of GOOD reviews? Food was above average I would say, and the atmosphere was out of this world… that’s about all they have going for them so they better keep it up! We were told there was a wait, and to sit at the bar, the second we sat down, they called us for our table? OK so we sit down look at the menu long enough to pick out almost everything we wanted without our drink order being served… Waitress came over and took our drink and appetizer order. It was me, my husband and friend. More time passed and my husband got his appetizer. 2 appetizers still missing and no drinks. The drinks come (waitress did not know how to pour a beer into a glass and managed to spill 1/2 my beer all over the table without offering a new one. The rest of the appetizers came out (Kani salad was terrible) after my husband was done with his salad. Dinner order was then placed, My friend and I got our sushi and we waited 10 MINUTES until my husband got his filet mignon which was no better than what you get at a catering hall ($28). We had to ask 3 different servers to check on it before it actually came out. It was flavorless and small. We all finished eating, ordered some dessert and one more drink… The main guy (wearing a suit walking around making sure everyone is doing well, except when we actually needed someone) came over to us! I was expecting some kind of round of drinks for what a show these people put on and THIS is what he said “Excuse me I have to ask you guys a HUGE favor, we have a party of 14 coming in and would like you guys to get up and move over there” WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We all looked at eachother dumbfounded. We were having dessert and a drink they couldn’t have just waited? I have never been so offended at a restaurant before, never has that happened. Of course we moved, but the next table he targeted refused, good for them. They were paying their bill when he asked! I couldn’t believe it… All while skipping over one middle-aged couple who were in the middle of eating. They waited to ask them last but the whole time the couple knew what was going on and they must have felt so rushed and uncomfortable. It basically ruined the whole night that we were so excited for. I doubt I will ever go back again. Between the service and the prices it dosen’t make it worth it. As we walked out, I saw the table of 14 waiting at the bar, it was a friend of mine from high school and his family. Said he was a regular there a few times a week. So they rushed about 8 couples to get up and out for one regular customer. Not the smartest move. I would not reccomend this place as a whole to anyone. They better straighten out or it wont be there for much longer! VERY disappointed!

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