Longitude Restaurant: Asian Buffet – Six Senses Laamu, Maldives


At Six Senses Laamu, there are select theme buffet nights offered during the week. One of my favorite meals during my stay there was the Asian Buffet night. The buffet was so extensive that is was spread out from Longitude all the way to Ice (the dessert room).

The Asian Buffet is a meal not to be missed. What I enjoyed most was the local Maldivian cuisine that was served at Es’sense, a cooking hut that is adjacent to Longitude Restaurant.

At Six Senses, they are really committed to preserving not just the local environment but also supporting the local people. So, on Asian night they bring in local Maldivian women from the island who cook authentic Maldivian foods for the guest. It hot, its fresh and outstanding! Oh and if you like spice like I do then do ask for some chopped Maldivian chilies, from their organic garden, to go with your meal.

There were other Asian cuisines showcased such as Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Indian. All the food was good but the Indian and Maldivian was the best by far.

The dessert was unbelievable. The chocolate room was filled with over 50 options of bite sized sweets.


Here is what we feasted on: