Din Tai Fung, Bangkok, Thailand



Din Tai Fung is an extremely popular dim sum house at the Central World Plaza shopping mall. This Taiwanese based dumpling house has other outlets in parts of South East Asia with the one in Hong Kong having earned a Michelin star.


At Din Tai Fung customers are treated to delicious dimsums which are made on site by a retinue of professionals in their extremely clean, glass encased kitchens.


IMG_4130 IMG_4117


One of the most popular items here is the Xiaolongbao ( soup dumplings) which were good – though not the best I’ve tried.

Din Tai Fung is super popular and always has a crowd of people waiting to get in so it is best to go during off hours.


Here is some of what we ate:


Xiaolongbao ( Soup Dumplings)




Crispy Wontons



Wonton Soup




Stir Fried Pea shoots



Spicy Sesame Wontons