Thip Samai, Bangkok, Thailand

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Pad Thai is probably one of the best known dishes in Thai cuisine worldwide. So ofcourse the burning question would be – Where does one get the best Pad Thai in Bangkok?

 I’m sure there are a host of opinions on that but if you are willing to eat street style (which is the best way to eat in Bangkok) then you must try Thip Samai.





Every evening starting at 5:00 PM, a multitude of woks are fired up on coal stoves on the sidewalk and the Pad Thai factory is in session.


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 Several chefs/ sous chefs and servers spring into action as oodles of noodles make their way onto the plates and bellies of the throngs of waiting patrons. One can eat in the restaurant or on makeshift tables on the sidewalk. Many choose to take away too.




 At Thip Samai one can choose from a menu of several kinds of Pad Thai. We tried the regular and the crabmeat Pad Thai. Both were delicious and one has to drink the customary orange soda that goes along with the meal to wash it all down.

 The Pad Thai at Thip Samai is really good – not the best I’ve had but certainly well worth the trip.


Here is some of what we ate:


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