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Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest to this establishment for a complimentary meal. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Fushimi has arrived in Williamsburg with a big bang. Dressed in bold hues with opulent bling covering every inch of it’s 6,000 square ft cavernous space – this spot offers a different kind of experience from its hipster, locavore counterparts.





Fushimi is helmed by Chef Chul Kee Ko who grew up helping at his parents Japanese restaurant in Seoul, South Korea. He then went on to hone his culinary skills at French Culinary Institute, which led him to work at JoJo  (Jean-George) and the Buddha Bar.

What the menu at Fushimi offers is French-infused Japanese cuisine which is beautifully presented and really artfully plated.

Fushimi offers exactly the kind of experience that the populous would love. The menu is rife with imaginative combinations of sushi rolls along with traditional Japanese favorites too.

Fushimi has recently introduced an special menu conceived and created by Chef Ko with recommendations which changes on a weekly basis. They only offer a set number of these dishes a day so when they run out – there’s no more to be had. Choosing this option is a nice way to sample Ko’s fusion nouvelle creations.

There is a full bar area, a main dining room and several semi private spaces that can be used for intimate gatherings.




There is a very loungy feel to the whole place which makes it a popular destination for those who want to unwind after work. Their signature neon tunnel leading to unisex bathrooms is said to be a crowd pleaser. Fushimi is a venue for many corporate events, fashion shows and so on. There is a whole psychedelic vibe that pervades the space – it almost feels like a slice of the Vegas strip has hit Williamsburg!





Though a bit out of place in this highly hipster neighborhood – Fushimi is here to stay. The amazing hospitably and warmth of the Manager Sunny floored me. He is a perfect host – one can see him embracing regulars who seek him out as soon as they enter the restaurant.




Fushimi does bring something a little different to the neighborhood and isn’t being different what Brooklyn is all about?


Here is some of what we ate:


Lychee Martini



Uni with Shrimp Tempura

YOZ_5519 DSC03203


Spring Breezes



Prawn Frites

YOZ_5529 YOZ_5532


Sex On The Beach

YOZ_5545 YOZ_5546 


Roasted Cod

YOZ_5534 YOZ_5537


Yuzu Pana Cotta



Three kinds of Crème Brûlée


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