Laut, Union Square/ Flatiron, NYC


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Food: ☆☆☆

Service: ☆☆☆½


Cost: $$$

Must try: Salt and Pepper Squid, Mee Goreng

Laut sits smack in the center of the Union Square/ Flatiron food Mecca and still manages to hold it’s own.

This popular pan-Asian food spot offers a menu that has a hodgepodge of South East Asian eats. I would stick to the Malaysian offerings, which is what it is primarily known for.

Laut is a Michelin rated spot and it sure does have a few high points on it menu.

The dishes that stood out for me were the “Salt and Pepper Squid “ where I enjoyed every salted, crunchy bite I tried. I also thought their Mee Goreng was well executed though I did need to add some spice to fire up the dish. 

The Roti Canai wasn’t the best I’ve tried. I thought the curry part was very good but the roti was a bit too limp for me.

The Laksa we tried was way too weak and definitely needed some TLC.

I think Laut works for where it is as a good option for someone looking for a meal that packs some punch.


Here is some of what we ate:


Roti Canai


Salt and Pepper Squid

DSC_6651 DSC_6652



Chicken Curry Laksa




Mee Goreng

 DSC_6657 DSC_6656



Sugarcane Shrimp