The Medina and food in Casablanca, Morocco

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Casablanca (the Spanish word for “White House”) is Morocco’s’ largest city and is the countries economic and business center. Though Casablanca is often pictured in ones mind as this ultra charming, romantic destination (mostly due to the movie Casablanca) but in comparison to the rest of the country, Casablanca falls short. It does however have enough interesting spots to visit if you are passing through.

A worthy sight is the awe-inspiring Hassan II Mosque, which was commissioned by King Hassan II and designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau. It is located on the Corniche seafront in Casablanca and is the second largest mosque in the world after Mecca and is quite spectacular.




There is a small Medina in Casablanca, which does not compare to those of Fes or Marrakech but still was a wonderful springboard for us to begin our travels into the amazing country.

Within the Medina is the famous Rick’s Cafe from the movie, Casablanca which is a huge tourist draw. I – however was much more drawn to the real sights and sounds of the market.




Here is some of what we saw:


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