Eating in the Medina at Café Clock, Fes, Morocco



The fascinating medina (old city) of Fes has enough sights and sounds to keep one wandering through its unique alleyways and covered bazaars for days. It is essential though to stop from time to time to eat!

We spent a day roaming the medina and stopped of for a spot of coffee at a very popular café called Café Clock, which is housed in a renovated 50-year-old courtyard home.


DSC08917 DSC08930


What has been created here is a sort cultural zone, which welcomes “musicians, thinkers, performers, lovers, restorers, teachers and more” to hang out, teach, perform; share and of-course eat and drink.






The concept of Café Clock is pretty cool and to find it within the medina is even cooler! It is definitely worth a check out.






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