Pâtisserie des Princes, Marrakech, Morocco

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Pâtisserie des Princes located just off the famous Djemaa el-Fnaa square is one of the city’s most famous patisseries.

Serving everything from French styled pastries to traditional Moroccan cookies, cakes, petit fours and more, Pâtisserie des Princes is incredibly popular. The place is perpetually swamped with line of people waiting their turn to get their hands on the tasty delights.

Pâtisserie des Princes is lined with walls of glass display cabinets housing all the varieties of sweets they offer. Don’t be alarmed by the abundance of bees and wasps that hover around the treats – it sure doesn’t seem to dissuade the onslaught of locals and tourists that cram this place.

Just try any one of their delectable almond cookies and you will be hooked. I know I was as I came home with boxes filled with their delights.


Here is some of what we ate:

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