Cha- An, East Village, NYC

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Food: ☆☆☆

Service: ☆☆☆½

Ambiance: ☆☆

Cost: $$$

Must try: Afternoon Tea Sets

Cha-An is a Japanese tea sanctuary for those looking for that perfect spot that provides both great bites and calm.

This understated teahouse is very popular for its sweet treats. Helmed by Chef Tomoko Kato, an accomplished cook and pastry chef, the menu here offers really interesting light savory bites and desserts. All of this of course goes together with a large selection of teas.

The Cha-An ” Afternoon Tea Sets” are the way to go if you would like to sample a variety of dishes, tea, and dessert. The menu changes according to seasons and they also offer an ‘Omakase’ dessert set which is the chef’s selection of recommend desserts for the day.

Cha-An is a wonderful alterative if you are looking for a spot for light bites and a tranquil surrounding.


Here is some of what we ate:

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