Andrea El Mariouteya, Giza, Egypt

When you visit Cairo you will definitely go and see the great Pyramids of Giza and of course you will be hungry after. I have a culinary destination for you in Giza that is almost as good as the Pyramids themselves.



Andrea El Mariouteya, is Cairo’s beloved grilled chicken restaurant which farms out super fresh eats. Many of the local families have a tradition of eating at Andrea on Fridays in their beautiful garden setting.




As you walk into Andrea you are greeted with delicious aromas of fresh chicken being grilled on charcoal. Walk a little further and you will see the Egyptian bread (Aish Baladi) being made fresh from scratch – there’s nothing like eating one of these babies fresh out of the over.

DSC07638 DSC07663




However the menu at Andrea offers so much more. They have excellent salads, dips, vegetables – I could go on and on but Ill just let my pictures do the talking.


Here is some of what we ate:

DSC07681 DSC07682 DSC07687 DSC07694 DSC07696 DSC07701 DSC07709 DSC07719 DSC07728 DSC07721 DSC07702 DSC07749